Eco Scentsations was founded by Tori, a chemical/environmental engineer from Hudson, Ohio, in the cursed year of 2020 when she wanted to create a candle she would be comfortable burning in her own home that also aligned with her eco-conscious values. She wanted to know exactly the quality of ingredients that were in the product that she was using around her husband, her young daughter and her dog.

After using her scientific background to research different candle making ingredients and techniques, Eco Scentsations was born with a mission to provide candles that are better for people and the earth. To this day, we are continually brainstorming more ideas on how to lower our carbon footprint while still producing a high quality candle experience.

In addition, it was important to Tori that the company have a humanitarian impact as well. As a result, Eco Scentsations is a supporter of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that fights to end child trafficking and slavery. Pretty awesome cause huh?

We hope you will join us in our sustainability/humanitarian efforts and bring an Eco Scentsations candle or two into your home today!

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With love,
The Eco Scentsations Family
~ Tori, Matt, Joanna and Maddie (woof!) ~